Second hand baby gear

Your layette costs a lot of money. Second-hand is a good option to save costs, but then of course you do not know what has happened to it, whether it has been tinkered with and whether the product still meets the safety standards. How safe is it to buy baby equipment second hand?

Safely rent second-hand baby equipment and save up to 70% (and it’s sustainable too)!

At BabyLoop we offer (future) parents the opportunity to rent second-hand baby equipment online. This is better for the environment because less raw materials need to be used and products need to be produced. We also check whether the products still meet the latest safety standards. It saves your storage space, because where do you put all those things that you only need for a short time? And renting is also a lot cheaper than buying. In general, leasing evokes the association that it is super expensive and that it is better to buy all the baby equipment if you want to go for more than 1 child. But first take a good look at our subscription prices. A small calculation example to illustrate the affordability of BabyLoop:

A new Stokke Newborn set costs €99. With an average use of 4 months it will cost you in rent  €7.90 x 4 = €31.60. That is 32% of the original purchase amount and you are even cheaper than buying new, even with 3 children.

tweedehands babyspullen

Second-hand baby product shop

In our online BabyLoop store you can rent second-hand baby equipment. If you would like to see the products before you rent them, you can always visit our shop in Amsterdam.


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