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Baby Playpen | White

The Bopita playpen white is a great place for your baby. During the baby period, it’s mainly a private place where your little one can sleep peacefully. But even when your baby is a bit older, the playpen fulfills a significant function to allow your little one to explore the world in a safe way.
We at BabyLoop are fans of the Bopita Brent playpen because it can be adjusted in two positions, is easy to assemble and, thanks to the solid design, stands firmly on the surface.

The playpen is the place from which your child begins to explore the environment. This is where your child learns important skills. The little one easily pulls itself up on the bars and thus takes the first step towards standing independently.

In addition, the box provides your child with safety. When your child starts crawling, there are potential dangers lurking everywhere. With your child easily bumping against the table or grabbing at things it shouldn’t be, you have to keep an eye on him all the time. However, putting your child in the playpen can give you some much-needed breathing room and time to focus on your own stuff.