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The step-by-step guide to renting baby products

Renting baby products through BabyLoop comes with great service! This is how it works:

1. Choose your products

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What you see is what you get at BabyLoop. The baby products displayed on the website are the products you’ll receive, simple and easy. Choose the baby products you’d like to rent and select the accompanying price category: New or Refurbished.

New – Save up to 50%

  • Baby products from top brands for about half the retail price
  • Brand new:  never before used products
  • Cheaper than buying!
  • Minimum lease term as described on the product page

Refurbished – Save up to 70%

  • Baby products from top brands for about a third of the retail price
  • We guarantee our products are in excellent condition and of solid quality –  no risks and time spent searching for used baby products online.
  • Cheaper than buying and even renting our new products!
  • A month-to-month subscription with no minimum rental period

2. Schedule delivery

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You choose when and where you’d like the baby items delivered! Once you’ve selected the products, you proceed to checkout. This page contains a ‘delivery date’ field, where you can enter your ideal delivery date. We recommend families have the products delivered one to two weeks before the baby’s due date. You can order your preferred baby products in advance and we’ll save them for you.

It’s recommended (& environmentally conscious) to pick up the products yourself. This way you’re also avoid shipping costs. Please indicate when you’d like to come by and we’ll make sure that your package is ready to go.

When you order, you pay for the first month’s rent of the baby products. The next payment will be made 1 month after delivery has taken place. For example, you place your order on April 10th and schedule your delivery on May 3rd. The next payment will then be made on the 3rd of June.

3. Send products back

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Each month, you can decide whether you want to keep or return your rented baby products. When you no longer need to products, the first step is to cancel your subscription by sending a message using our e-mail, chat, or contact form. You have 1 month notice period, so cancel your subscription at least 1 day before the end of the monthly term. For example, if your subscription is renewed monthly on the 15th of the month, make sure to cancel your subscription before the 14th the month before. To unburden you and not unnecessarily spend money, you’ll receive a monthly overview of your rented products as a reminder that your subscription is still running.

If you no longer need the baby products, there are three options for returning:

  1. Return the products yourself for free at BabyLoop location Amsterdam: Vrijheidslaan 55-hs, 1079 KE Amsterdam (let us know what time you will come by, and we will make this work).
  2. DHL comes to pick up at your place for € 14,90 between 09.00-18.00h on a date that suits you.
  3. Return the products yourself via one of the PostNL service points for € 6,90
    • We’ll send you a return label.
    • Print this label & stick it over the original label
    • Hand in the package at one of the ~ 4.000 PostNL service points. Preferably in the original packaging, so we waste less!
    • Keep the proof of shipment. This is proof that you’ve returned the items. When the products have been received by us, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail and you can throw it away.
    • Click here to see what the nearest PostNL service point is in your area.

4. (Baby)Loop on

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The baby products are passed on from family to family. We do this to give the baby products multiple lives and thus reduce the CO2 impact. When the products come back to us they’re closely examined and thoroughly cleaned. If in good condition, they are ready to go to the next family! If during check-up it appears that a product is no longer of the required quality level, it’s donated to a charity, like Stichting BabyBullenBank. This way, you also contribute to a good cause!

This is how renting baby products at BabyLoop works!


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